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Light planning principles

Human-centric design



Human-centric Design

Light is needed for people, their space and its architecture, hence begins our vision of human-centric lighting design.

Every space is concieved with an idea to improve people's wellbeing, support economy or deliver business growth. Light as a layer is a crucial element to complement these visions and their respective functions.

Light to focus (Activity)

Beyond daylight, prime function of light is to make things visible. Light to focus talks about identifying space function and its users to increase productivity and create safe - healthy environment.

Light to converse (Architecture)

Built and unbuilt environments, spatial experience is influenced by elements, such as vertical surfaces in interiors, trees in exteriors. To create a holistic environment, it is important to identy these actors and bring them together with light.

Light to celebrate (Atmosphere)

Driving emotions, moods and feelings, light color, its intensity and brilliance can create the perfect ambience one desire for their private life.

Planning with user at the core of our designs, we aim to create spaces where people feel good.

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Light and Sustainability

Light is energy, with its on share of carbon emissions. Every unwanted light generates more carbon emissions than we can afford.

The disconnect between necessity and sound planning lead to growing challenges of light pollution and unbalanced ecology, contributing upto 30% of cities and buildings energy consumption.


Light pollution

Uncontrolled and unwanted light, illuminating our cities and homes when not required.

Light carbon

Wastage of light energy by over illuminating infrastructure and cities.

Ecological imbalance

Disturbing the natural inhabitants of our forests and cities especially the nocturnal creatures by insenstive illumination of roads, parks and buildings.

Sustainable light planning

provides a greenfield of opportunities to reduce light carbon while contributing towards UN sustainable development goals and EU green deal.

Increased cash flow

  • Reduced carbon foot-print for business.
  • Increased cash flow with reduced energy consumption.
  • CSR contribution to green economy.

Healthier communities

  • Positive impact on lives of people.
  • Increased social engagement.
  • Healthier neighbourhood.
  • Safe communities.

Diverse ecosystem

  • Darker skies support ecological balance of nocturnal creatures.
  • Co-existence of humans and nature.
  • Improved planet health.

Create a healthier planet

Light and Technology

Light is a unifying science with power to improve our lives. Evolving technologies makes it possible to manipulate and create desired environment.

Power of light and technology host metaverse of opportunities to create smart cities and sustainable planet.

Big Data

  • Focussed and targeted plan of action.
  • Improved efficiency and profitability.
  • Positive business impact.

Informed Decisions

  • Strategic action points to improve health and wellbeing.
  • Prediciting accurately the possibilities to proactively resolve problems.

Connected ecosystem

  • Fast and transparent exchange of information.
  • Supporting seamless collaboration of different actors of society.
  • Circular infrastructure.

Let's build a smarter ecosystem