kaash light engineers

As lighting connoisseurs, we are on this mission to create meaningful impact of sustainable and human-centric light planning. Based out of Luxembourg, we are a very young design house playing with the layers of light to create spaces where people feel good.

From heritage buildings to sports arenas, from public parks to your private spaces, we aim to combine modern technology with energy efficient lighting schemes in the best interest of our clients and the planet.

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Light possibilities with Kaash

The blend of science and design gives light a unique invisible identity unless it falls and reflects. We are always excited to express this passion for light in every possible opportunity.

Our enthusiasm holds no boundaries to the scale and nature of project. From a studio apartment to a multi-story tower, we would like to help you create the perfect atmosphere you desire.

Publics parks

Heritage buildings

If you are a developer, planner
or an architect

Sports facilities

Hotels and Restaurants

Offices and Co-working

Homes and apartments

Transportation hubs

Places of worship

If you are public administration
or a private enterprise

Health care infrastructure

Retail and commercial centres

Places of entertainment

Factories and Warehouses

Whatever be your nature of project,
we are happy to discuss.

Services we offer

We believe in utilising every opportunity to reduce light carbon

Creating homogenous solutions to support health and well-being of its users

Sustainable spaces

  • .Lighting energy consulting
  • .Lighting energy audit
  • .Daylight harvesting
  • .Minimizing carbon footprint
  • .Product improvement
  • .Training and workshops

Human-centric design

  • .Human centric planning
  • .Function driven light application
  • .Daylight harvesting
  • .Architecture influenced design
  • .Light for branding
  • .Simulation and scene

Light engineering

  • .Internet of things
  • .AI based lighting scene
  • .Time controlled light switching
  • .Wireless light control and scene
  • .Projection mapping
  • .Scenography
  • .15 parameter product analysis

Seeking solutions for your space

kaash light engineers