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Light for people, their cities and its architecture. As lighting connoisseurs, we are always working towards sustainable human-centric lighting solutions. Using full potential of light we create comfortable hospitals, inspiring institutions and playful spaces. Using full potential of light, we build healthier communities and inclusive ecosystem.We help businesses go green in their energy consumption with advanced, efficient and sustainable light solutions for their infrastructure.

From heritage buildings to sports arenas, from public parks to your private zones, we aim to combine modern technology with energy efficient lighting solutions to build heathier communities with inclusive ecosystem.

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Light possibilities with Kaash

The blend of science and design gives light a unique invisible identity unless it falls and reflects. We are always excited to express this passion for light in every possible opportunity.

Our enthusiasm holds no boundaries to the scale and nature of project. From single room bunker in a basement to multi-story tower, we are there to help you create the perfect atmosphere you desire.

Publics parks

Heritage buildings

If you are a developer, planner or an architect

Sports facilities

Hotels and Restaurants

Offices and Co-working

Homes and apartments

Transportation hubs

Places of worship

If you are public administration or a private business

Health care infrastructure

Retail and commercial centres

Places of entertainment

Factories and Warehouses

For any kind of project we are happy to discuss.

Services we offer

How can we help you in finding the perfect light light with minimum foot print.

Human-centric design

  • .Human-centric design
  • .Light plans and drawings
  • .Light study report
  • .Light calculations
  • .Light for branding
  • .Light effects and program

Sustainable spaces

  • .Light energy survey
  • .Efficient light solutions
  • .Daylight harvesting
  • .Carbon footprint reporting
  • .Training and workshops

Light engineering

  • .Integrated light solution
  • .Product engineering
  • .Time driven light scenes
  • .Wireless light control
  • .Projection mapping
  • .Scenography
  • .15 parameter product analysis

Seeking solutions for your space

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