light defines
spatial experience
as it falls and reflects

Light stories

Cathedral an der stad - Architectural heritage of Luxembourg, presented in new light which is sustainable and functional. Bringing communities together with places for social inclusion.


Private art gallery - Creating the ideal atmosphere to enjoy art with functional and minimal lighting. Precision lighting for maximum visual comfort and minimal carbon emissions.


Mosque in KSA - A symbol of belief which brings the culture together, crafted in white marbel like a pearl in the desert. With the setting sun, shines the pearl basking in light


Get the skates rollin - Hotspot of our culture, inspiring diverse ages to learn, practice and even flaunt their skills in a skate park. Exploring the possibilites of creating an epicentre for weekends or every evening as light plays the silent disco to create immersive experience.


Living the dreams - Imagining private spaces with multi function lighting design, to meet changing needs of a modern family.


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Imagining the ideal lighting solution for your project. Expressing our passion for light with sustainable human-centric designs to build healthier communities with inclusive ecosystem.

Human-centric design

esigning with light for people, their spces and its architecture. Lighting evokes emotions, with that we co create comfortable hospitals, dynamic offices and luxurious hotels.

Sustainable spaces

Reducing light carbon to save energy and create a healthier planet

Light engineering

Maximising potential of light for intelligent and safe infrastructure. Finding actionable insight about your infrastructure or enbale servies with the help of light.

Create healthier communities with our solutions.

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